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Watch how the Glance TravelSafely app improves cyclist safety

Glance TravelSafely™ is an smartphone application currently under development by Applied Information. The app is using cutting-edge technology to make the promise of connected vehicle systems a reality, and keep each other safer on the roads.

A key feature of the application is increasing safety for cyclists. TravelSafely provides audio alerts which make user’s aware of one another’s presence by providing collision warnings 10 seconds in advance of the nearby interface. The warning enhances awareness which allows drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians and to take precaution when necessary.

Drivers receive alerts including for potential impact for cyclists or pedestrian ahead and close proximity to pedestrians through their cell phones. Likewise, cyclists and pedestrians receive notifications for potential impact of the vehicles.

Early results from the Glance TravelSafely™ app are positive for improving awareness via the advanced technology alerts and keeping drivers, riders and pedestrians safe.

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