Convenient Security

Keep your roadside cabinets and infrastructure safe without sacrificing convenience with security solutions from Applied Information.

Until now traffic departments had to balance convenience and security when accessing roadside cabinets. An innovative partnership between Applied Information and Assa Abloy delivers a solution for roadside cabinets and other traffic infrastructure that offers security and convenience in equal measure.

Applied Information’s revolutionary hardware and cloud-based platform, and Assa Abloy’s smart locking devices seamlessly integrate into existing traffic infrastructure. For the first time traffic departments can remotely monitor and secure traffic infrastructure while still having the ability to provide quick and easy access with multiple factors of authentication. 


  • No Key required
  • No Key Card required
  • Open with App
  • Open Remotely
  • Open Multiple Doors
  • Electronic Key Backup
  • Works with existing AI equipment


  • Three Factor Authentication
  • Authorized user
  • Glance App Credentials
  • Proximity to lock
  • Door status monitoring and alarms
  • Automatic relock

Despite being essential to critical infrastructure, improving the ease of security for traffic cabinets has been overlooked- until now. Assa Abloy brings the pedigree of hundreds of years of experience in physical security, and has developed a better system than the mechanical lock and key that has been used for the last 50 years. Applied Information delivers the complimentary element of this system with its Internet of Things (IoT) and the connectivity to be able to bring the convenience of operating these locks on par with the accessibility of their historic predecessor. Now authorized personnel can use their phone to unlock Assa Abloy’s powered deadbolt lock with ease and peace of mind.

Product Cut Sheets


  • No data costs, uses connected device for connectivity 
  • No key or key card required, smartphone app used as intelligent key 
  • Unattended traffic cabinets are secured 
  • Quick and easy access 
  • Lock proximity control 
  • Monitor door status, alarms and authorized users 
  • Last-gasp backup for power failure alerts 
  • Alert sound to indicate lock is open 
  • Alarm alerts sent via text or email
  • Electronic key backup
  • Low-cost internet connectivity solution

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