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Advanced Traffic Products prioritizes emergency traffic in north-west US

Advanced Traffic Products (ATP) is to distribute Applied Information’s traffic signal preemption solutions in the north-west of the US. It will sell in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Northern California.

Applied Information Sets a New Milestone in eLearning with uQualio

To train their end-users in both hardware and software, Applied Information have built a training platform on uQualio – and uQualio is the help function in their systems. Their self-service video academy today contains more than 76 comprehensive courses, featuring over 350 educational videos that have reached a whopping 17,000 views. Moreover, the company has awarded 3,000 certificates to their learners for IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association) continued education credits.

New high-tech solutions that increase school bus safety unveiled

According to federal data, buses are one of the safest ways for students to get to and from school — but getting on and off those iconic yellow vehicles can pose a serious risk because of passing cars. Now high-tech solutions designed to help save lives are being unveiled. NBC’s Vicky Nguyen reports for TODAY.

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