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Preemption & Priority Systems

Glance Preempt & Priority System
The Glance Preemption & Priority Systems builds on top of the Intersection and Mobile modules. The system seamlessly combines cellular (1), radio transmission (2), and GPS technology into one, easy to use tool. Enhanced GPS with dead reckoning mitigates any low signal areas. A rules-based engine makes the configuration simple and easy to adjust from the field or from Glance. Users are able to monitor the location and status of the vehicles and traffic intersection (3) at all times.

Glance Preemption & Priority System Features

  • Supports transit priority capable controllers to keep signals in coordination
  • Monitors traffic cabinet status & health including: AC power, BBS battery, Conflict Monitor, Fan status, Remote power cycling, and much more
  • Redundant communications supporting both 900MHz radio (2) and Cellular communication (1)
  • Adaptive preemption
  • Simple to configure priority and preemption zone using map based configurator.
  • Integral battery back-up for power fail reporting

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