Connected School
Bus System

Protecting school children and vulnerable road users with C-V2X technology

The Applied Information Connected School Bus System leverages cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology to reduce vehicle hazards that vulnerable school children face every year.

Statistics show that over 130 children are killed and approximately 25,000 injured each year walking to or from school. New technology can help prevent these tragedies and keep school children safe.

The Connected Bus System from Applied Information warns drivers when they are approaching an active school safety zone or are exceeding the speed limit when children are present via instrument panel displays and audio alerts.

The technology was developed to prevent accidents when students are most at risk – during student pickup and drop-off and alleviate the traffic risks facing vulnerable road users.

Additionally, the Applied Information Connected School Bus system uses both direct (PC5) and indirect (Uu) low-latency cellular signals to communicate where people and vehicle sensors cannot always see, such as over hills or around curves or other vehicles.


  • Protect school children when they are most vulnerable
  • Dynamically warn drivers of a stopped bus
  • Complete C-V2X system that connects to school beacons and infrastructure
  • Reduce stop-arm violations
  • Low-latency cellular allows for warnings over hills and around curves
  • Warn drivers who are speeding in school zones

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