Applied Information Transportation Technology


Applied Information has 6 core areas of expertise in the Traffic Industry currently available, and more on the way. We apply our methodology and technology to these markets and use Glance, our software platform, to create value for our clients. Glance Smart City Supervisory Systems

School Zone Flashing Beacons Monitoring

Equipped with a simple to use interface, cities can easily view and control school beacon flashers and their schedules from anywhere. Using the AI-500-070 School Beacon Timer Switch with Glance, we support advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override. Speed feedback systems can provide 85th percentile speeds to verify the speed in your pedestrian safety zones.

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Next generation Priority and Preemption

The Glance Preemption and Priority Systems builds on top of the Intersection and Mobile modules. The system seamlessly combines cellular, radio transmission, and GPS technology into one, easy to use tool. Enhanced GPS with dead reckoning mitigates any low signal areas. A rules-based engine makes the configuration simple and easy to adjust from the field or from Glance. Users are able to monitor the location and status of the vehicles at all times.

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Traffic Intersection Systems

Monitor all your traffic intersection cabinet equipment and their data easily. Glance provides pass-through communications for third party traffic signal control systems, so any current systems will continue to work just as before. Data includes incoming AC power, battery back up, cabinet flash, stop time, conflict monitor status, door switches, fan status, vehicle detectors and more.

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Parking Solutions

The Glance Parking Module is the perfect parking guidance system for citywide parking solutions and parking facilities. Information from parking facility systems display parking information on electronic signs throughout your city. Glance Parking also connects to single space parking space sensors that detect the presence of a vehicle and illuminate the space with red and green light to show availability.

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All Applied Information technology is applicable to vehicles as well. In this way we monitor snow plows, mobile weather stations, and provide engineering solutions to manage a variety of transportation challenges. Our expertise in OBD-II communications means that we can merge the vehicle data with payload, temperature, GPS, and other data to provide a situational overview of your transportation assets, and alarming on engineered parameters (for example payload temperature, weight, and auxiliary fuel tanks).

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ITS Systems

Applied Information has a deep understanding of the management needs of traffic systems. Our team has experience in managing Intersections, Variable Message Signs, Beacons, Speed Control signs, Parking Guidance System, Environmental Sensor Stations and many other transportation devices. Applied Information is also involved in other areas of business outside the transportation sector. Applied Information has provided solution in the Mining, Environmental and Agricultural Industries.

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