Connected School
Beacon System

Make school beacon monitoring and maintenance simple and easy with Applied Information.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Our school beacon system monitors your beacon flashers and alerts you with a text or email to any problems with the power, batteries or lamps, saving you the trip to check them manually.

With Glance®, our cloud-based connected platform, you can supervise your school beacons and make changes to their schedules from anywhere. In the event of weather delays or other sudden schedule changes, quickly and easily override the schedule of one or all devices.

Scheduling Made Easy

Need to adjust your schedule or make a change due to weather? No problem. With Glance, you can adjust and set schedules remotely.

Smart Alerts

Applied Information’s School Beacon system provides text and email alerts based on criteria you set. Know instantly if there are problems.

Power Monitoring

Glance lets you remotely monitor and track AC Voltage, battery back-ups and solar charge voltage. Now you can identify problems before they arise.

Easy Installation

The system is simple to install and the beacons configure themselves automatically. No more costly and time-consuming manual configuration.

Lamp Failures

With Glance, you can see precisely which beacons need lamp replacements. This makes maintenance easier and keeps the system more effective.

Hardware + Software

The Applied Information system utilizes an industry-leading combination of hardware and software to create complete, effective traffic solutions. The technology easily retrofits into existing beacons and includes data and software in the purchase.

System Includes

  • Cellular Modem
  • Data Plan
  • Glance Software
  • Complete Warranty

System Benefits

  • Reduce downtime and improve response times by knowing the location and status of each unit before sending service personnel.
  • Receive access to key performance indicators through Glance so you can easily analyze your school beacons’ performance and create valuable reports.
  • Keep your citizens happy and their children safe by making sure any school beacon failures are discovered and fixed quickly.

Explore the Connected Beacon System

The Insider’s Guide To

Glance Connected School Beacons

This 22-page eBook offers an inside look at how connected school beacons improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase safety.

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“The beacons from the Applied Information team have modernized the county’s school zone flashing beacon system. The result has been a 90% reduction in the number of calls related to the operation of school zone beacons due to improved communication with each beacon.”

– Tom Sever, Gwinnett County DOT

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How It Works

The Glance™ connected school beacon system works with your existing hardware to add a new level of connectivity. Installing a small device in the cabinet enables remote access and a new level of control.


Once your beacons are connected, they use the on-board cellular modem to transmit and receive data. This connection allows for over-the-air adjustment and updates.


Data is seamlessly passed to and from Glance, the cloud-based software that powers the beacons. Glance has an intelligent rules engine to help manage your system.


Once your beacons are connected, they use the on-board cellular modem to transmit and receive data. This connection allows for over-the-air adjustment and updates.

You're Covered.

Applied Information offers an industry-leading warranty for our products and will replace your device in the case of knockdown, lightning, accidents – anything. You’re covered with Applied Information.

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