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Seamlessly communicate with C-V2X radios, DSRC radios, and the 4G LTE cellular network.

Communication Made Easy

One System, Complete Compatibility.

The Applied Information Connected Vehicle System simplifies and enables communication with C-V2X, DSRC, 4G LTE cellular communication, and 900MHZ. In addition to this, the Applied Information system leaves a modem slot open for future 5G, to ensure compatibility going forward. Now you can stop worrying about compatibility issues and start leveraging the potential of Connected Vehicles to power your Smart City.

How It Works

The Applied Information Connected Vehicle System uses four unique components to create a comprehensive connected vehicle solution. These hardware elements enable communication over DSRC, cellular and more. Hover over the numbers to learn more.


The AI-500-085 is housed in the traffic cabinet and enables 4G LTE cellular. 


The AI-900-040 Road Side Unit Cabinet houses the AI-500-095 hardware. 


The AI-500-095 is housed inside the AI-900-040 unit and supports dual-mode, dual-active DSRC and C-V2X radio communication. 


The DSRC / C-V2X antenna is a high-gain system that is mounted to the top of the signal pole. 



The AI-500-085 resides in the traffic cabinet and enables 4G LTE cellular communication to the signal and connects the system with Glance.


The AI-500-095 is an RSU that is installed mid-way up the traffic pole, which supports dual-mode, dual-active DSRC and C-V2X radio communication and connects with the AI-500-085 to pass data to Glance.

DSRC / C-V2X Antenna

The system includes a high-gain, omni-directional DSRC and C-V2X antenna that is mounted at the top of the traffic signal pole.

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Connected Vehicle Applications

Add a wide variety of new services to your city with connected vehicle technology


Emergency Response






School Beacons


Cross Walks




TravelSafely is a new smartphone application that uses the Applied Information Connected Vehicle System to make the promise of connected vehicles a reality.

Watch the View to See Connected Vehicle Technology In Action

Powered by Applied Information, The Infrastructure-Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) is the first facility in the world where automakers and transportation infrastructure manufacturers can imagine, create and test technology and applications for connected vehicles to communicate with traffic signals and other smart roadside traffic control equipment.

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