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ITS California Connected Vehicle Demos Put Cellular to the Test

ITS California Connected Vehicle Demos Put Cellular to the Test

The Intelligent Transportation Society of California recently held its 24th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim. At the event, organizations from around the world gathered to connect with the ITS community, discuss current trends in the industry and share ideas.

As a part of the conference, John Thai organized a vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) demo that was designed to showcase the latest in connected vehicle (CV) technology.

Thai’s specific goal with the showcase was to demonstrate how different technologies, from different vendors, … Continue Reading

How Renew Atlanta’s Smart City Corridor is a Model for What’s Next

Renew Atlanta Smart City Corridor Applied Information

There were over 40,000 traffic-related deaths in 2017, according to the National Safety Council, making vehicle collisions one of the leading preventable causes of death in the United States. At the same time, many growing cities struggle with keeping traffic congestion, air pollution and commute times down while maintaining all of their existing infrastructure.

Vehicle safety improvements, such as airbags and seatbelts, helped improve safety early on, but the decline in mortality leveled off several years ago as these features … Continue Reading

Local Government Challenges with Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle Challenges

Driverless cars, or autonomous vehicles, may seem like futuristic technologies that are decades away from the mass market, but BI Intelligence estimates that there will be over 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. That’s only a fraction of the ~250 million vehicles on the road, but it represents a blistering 134 percent annual growth rate.

Tesla’s AutoPilot is the most well-known example of a near-fully-autonomous vehicle, but there are a growing number of other vehicles with autonomous-like … Continue Reading

Tesla Model 3 Review and Test Drive

Watch as Peter Ashley and Jeff O’Brian test drive the Tesla Model 3 and the TravelSafely application in Lawrence Kansas.… Continue Reading

Everything connected to Everything is a tipping point

Everything connected to Everything is a tipping point

I believe at this very moment our industry is facing an important tipping point. Each year a disturbingly high number of people are killed on our roads. Traffic and congestion are getting worse, and the effects on the environment are substantial. The big question is, how are we going to use technology to solve these issues?

Historically, transportation technology providers have focused on delivering boxes, gadgets, and software, and delivering these technologies to the government who owned and operated the … Continue Reading

CBS 46 features launch of TravelSafely app in Marietta, GA

Drivers in Marietta, Georgia will soon have smartphone access to city traffic data, according to CBS46 Evening News. The new app is meant to save drivers time and increase traffic safety. The city will deliver real-time information about emergency services, road construction, and traffic accidents through the TravelSafely app.

The TravelSafely app will provide drivers with verbal alerts about upcoming hazards, allowing them to stay informed while keeping their eyes on the road. “We do not want you to … Continue Reading

City of Marietta Enters Testing Phase to Roll Out New “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely App

City of Marietta Enters Testing Phase to Roll Out New “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely App

City to Connect First Responders, School Beacons, Driver Feedback Signs, Vehicles, Pedestrians, School and Traffic Signals

The City of Marietta is pleased to announce it is entering the testing phase to deploy the new “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely app that will soon be available on Apple and Android devices.

The Marietta TravelSafely app is designed to save lives by reducing first responder response time and making drivers, cyclists and pedestrians more visible to each other and improving traffic flow. Marietta … Continue Reading

CBS46 presents TravelSafely Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety

CBS46 presents TravelSafely Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety on 28th July 2017.

Extract from CBS46 news article:


CBS46 is showing you new technology that could save your life as you walk and bike throughout the city.

Bicycles and pedestrians make up just over 10 percent of all fatalities in Georgia. Now a new smartphone app can alert those considered the most vulnerable on our roads.

Most drivers at one point or another have seen a cyclist on the … Continue Reading

Introducing TravelSafely

Introducing TravelSafely

Applied Information is pleased to announce the development of our new connected vehicle smartphone application – Glance TravelSafely™. The app leverages cutting-edge technology to make the promise of connected vehicle systems a reality, and keep each other safer on the roads.

The future of connected vehicles is in your hands

TravelSafely brings accurate and up-to-the-second connected-vehicle communication to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians through an app on their smartphones. The application leverages connections with Applied Information’s Glance Smart City Supervisory System™, … Continue Reading

11Alive’s Jerry Carnes takes a drive with Bryan Mulligan

11Alive’s Jerry Carnes takes a drive with Bryan Mulligan to see how driverless vehicles operate along I-75.

Extract from the article below: Driverless cars may seem like an idea straight out of The Jetsons, but the vehicle traveling right next to you could be an autonomous vehicle. In fact, Atlanta’s North Avenue will soon be on the cutting edge of the technology that will allow you to take a ride in one of the many rolling computers on the road … Continue Reading

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