Alpharetta C-V2X

The City of Alpharetta C-V2X project, in partnership with the North Fulton Community Improvement District, included 125 preemption units and 50+ were outfitted with dual-mode DSRC/C-V2X radio technology.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama, in conjunction with the ALDOT, deployed a hybrid connected vehicle technology at 85 major intersections

“The equipment from Applied Information is great! We love the system and the Glance software is very informative and easy to use.”
– Missouri City

City of Marietta, GA

The Marietta Smart City project included 120 preemption cabinets, 20 EVP vehicles, 40+ school beacons, and 40+ radar feedback signs.

Harris County, TX

Harris County has installed over 500 School Beacon Flasher Timers deployed and controlling school flasher locations throughout the County.

University of Hawaii, HI

University of Hawaii College of Engineering and HDOT deployed a 5-mile long arterial with dual radio DSRC/C-V2X connected vehicle technology at 36 traffic signals in Honolulu.

City of Lawrence, KS

The city of Lawrence, Kansas installed 115 preemption cabinets and 35 vehicle units to create a comprehensive emergency vehicle preemption system.

“Seconds matter when you talk about lives. When you talk about minutes… that is significant. Not only is it faster in our response times, it’s also safer for the responders and our public.”
– Chief Milligan – Marietta, GA

Renew Atlanta/City of Atlanta

The Renew Atlanta initiative included connected vehicle intersections, 20 EVP fire vehicles, 9 rapid flashing pedestrian crossings, and 5 school zone areas.

City of Seattle, WA

Project includes 80+ school beacons and all of the units deployed have been installed into existing school zone cabinets that were previously operating with older time clocks.

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