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How a Connected Emergency Vehicle Preemption System Works

When responding to an emergency, traffic congestion and red lights aren’t merely an inconvenience for first responders; they represent a critical delay in helping those in need. The Glance Preemption and Priority System uses a combination of hardware and software, working seamlessly together, to clear the path and get firefighters and first responders get to their destination faster and safer.

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How to Reduce Response Times with a Preemption System

  Most traffic lights feature a fixed green light sequence that doesn’t take into account emergency vehicles. While emergency vehicles are legally permitted to pass through a red light with sirens active, there’s always a risk that another driver will not notice them and strike the vehicle, making these intersections

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Where emergency vehicle preemption will be in five years

Technology is rapidly changing the transportation industry, and emergency vehicle preemption systems are no exception. Optical-based preemption technology is being replaced by new innovations, and the progress of change seems to be picking up speed. As wireless and cellular communications grow, so will the sophistication of preemption systems. The next

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How does the Glance Preemption and Priority System Work?

Preemption and priority systems provide emergency vehicles with green lights, so they arrive at the scene of an incident faster and more safely. While this technology has been in existence for a number of years, the Glance system from Applied Information utilizes a new generation of innovations to reduce arrival

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Three things to do before your city considers a preemption system

Preemption, in one form or another, has been in existence for 40+ years. It has transitioned from optically based to GPS and has included sirens, sound activated systems, and even switchboards that connect circuits across town. In all cases, these solutions address the challenge of getting emergency vehicles to the

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How adaptive preemption is used to address congested intersections

Preemption systems are designed to automatically process a request for a green light as an emergency vehicle approaches a signalized intersection, so the emergency vehicle is given the right of way. This technology allows for faster response time and safer travel. Most standard GPS preemption systems rely on a static,

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How preemption systems keep firefighters and the public safe

Fire departments are continuously looking at ways to deliver emergency services more efficiently. In the past, the best solution for decreasing response time was to increase the number of fire stations and strategically locate them across the city. This entails building new stations, hiring more firefighters, and purchasing new equipment.

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Upgrading a preemption system from Optic to GPS

First-generation traffic preemption systems were primarily designed as optical-style systems. These solutions rely on sensors at each intersection being triggered by strobe light emitters on emergency and transit vehicles. While these initial types of installations were a step in the right direction, they offered little flexibility and came with a

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