Street Light Monitoring

Join the smart lighting revolution by making street light management simple and easy with Applied Information.

At Applied Information, we understand the importance of dependable street lighting. During the day street lights go unnoticed, but at night they become a vital part of our communities. That’s why we created our Street Light Monitor device.

The AI-500-022 Street Light Monitor (SLM) provides communications and seamlessly integrates with the Glance platform, ensuring individual street light monitoring in real time. This advanced street light technology ensures that the lights operate only when needed, providing a safer and well-lit environment for all road users, while offering energy saving benefits. 

Easy Installation

Our smart connected device is designed to fit all kinds of street lights and is compliant with all NEMA and ANSI standards.

Scheduling Made Easy

Need to adjust your schedule or make a change? No problem. With Glance, you can adjust and set schedules remotely and automatically to astrological clock scheduling. 

Smart Alerts

Applied Information’s SLM system provides alerts via text and email so you know instantly if there are problems.

Light Failures

With Glance, you can see precisely which street lights need maintenance. This makes fixing issues easier, reduces truck rolls, and ensures cost effectiveness in street light management.

Product Cut Sheets


  • Compliant with NEMA standards for Roadway Area Lighting Equipment
  • Compliant with ANSI C136.41 standards
  • Astrological clock scheduling
  • Built-in knockdown detection sensor
  • Remote monitoring solution
  • Future-proof with “over-the-air” updates
  • Local photocell override available
  • Compatible with any 0-10 V dimming fixture with an ANSI C136.41-compliant receptacle

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