Connected Vehicle System

Leverage Smart City Technology

The Applied Information Glance Smart City Supervisory System™ connects your intersections, school beacons, and emergency vehicles to form a cohesive, connected system.

Traffic Signal

Glance will connect your intersection cabinets so you can remotely control and monitor traffic lights.

Preemption Systems

Our cellular-based preemption systems help emergency responders arrive safely with ground-breaking technology.

School Beacons

Remotely update timing plans and diagnose failures with Glance.

Revolutionize Traffic in Your City.

Glance TravelSafely™ is a new smartphone application, developed by Applied Information, that uses cutting edge technology to make the promise of connected vehicles a reality. Harness the power of connected vehicle technology to make your city smarter, and your citizens safer.

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How It Works

Glance TravelSafely combines Smart City solutions with advances in Connected Vehicle technology to create a network of knowledge that makes your roads safer.

The app connects the users phone to a network of traffic intersections, school beacons, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Audible warnings are provided to alert motorists of potentially dangerous road conditions. By utilizing spoken alerts, TravelSafely allows the driver to focus on the road and receive alerts while using their favorite mapping app.

TravelSafely™ Applications

  1. SPaT/MAP display of signal timing
  2. Emergency vehicle getting through the signal
  3. Where is the emergency vehicle coming from?
  4. Motorist – Cyclist communication
  5. Motorist – Pedestrian communication
  6. Rear end collision warning
  7. Virtual/advance traffic detectors
  8. Red-light running at traffic signals
  9. Intelligent school beacons
  10. Curve warning/reduce speed
  11. Pedestrian crossing detection
  12. Bus/transit priority

Connected Vehicle Message Flow

TravelSafely is a new connected vehicle technology that interfaces with traffic signal controllers and sends the information to motorists via Dedicated Short Range Radios (DSRC) and cellular communications. The TravelSafely application works with cellular communications only, DSRC only or both technologies together. The system comprises of an RSU processor (AI-500-085) that interfaces to the traffic signal controller and receives Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) messages. The RSU processor transmits these messages to the DSRC radios and via the cellular network to the TravelSafely Server. The motorist receives information via the TravelSafely application in their vehicle either directly over the cellular network or connected via bluetooth to the DSRC On-Board-Unit (OBU).

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