Connected Traffic
Cabinet System

Wirelessly monitor, maintain and communicate with your signal controllers with Applied Information.

Monitoring and Maintenance Made Easy

From a single light to a complex series of intersections, Glance wirelessly connects your signal controllers and provides an unparalleled level of access. Utilizing a seamless combination of hardware and software, this easy-to-install system allows you to see when and where your traffic cabinets are malfunctioning.

The Glance Connected Traffic Cabinet System includes preemption and priority, cabinet monitoring and remote communication, Glance Video, and the smartphone app TravelSafely™. TravelSafely connects road users with city infrastructure to save lives and improve traffic.

Passthrough Communication

The system supports cellular passthrough communication to any cabinet controller including video streams and remote front panel access.

Cloud-Based Access

Wirelessly access your signal controllers from any web-connected device, including smartphones, tablets or computers with Glance.

Easy Installation

The system is simple to install, and the units configure themselves automatically. No more costly and time-consuming manual configuration.

Smart Alerts

Applied Information’s cabinet monitoring system provides text and email alerts based on criteria you set, so you are instantly informed of problems.

Over-the-Air Upgrades

Our Field Monitoring Units support over-the-air updates and allow for upgrades to preemption & priority technology, connected vehicle software and more.

The AI-500-085 Field Monitoring Unit powers the cabinet monitoring system. The hardware is installed in the cabinet and creates a cellular connection to Glance.

How It Works

The Glance™ Connected Traffic Cabinet System works with your existing hardware to add a new level of connectivity. Installing a small device enables remote access and a new level of control.


A Field Monitoring Unit is installed in your existing signal controller hardware and uses an onboard cellular modem to transmit and receive data from the devices inside the cabinet.


Data is seamlessly passed to and from Glance, the cloud-based software that powers the units. Glance converts the raw data into clear and actionable reports.


Logging into Glance from a computer or mobile device allows you to view and remotely manage the signal controller. This eliminates the need for costly diagnostic trips or wasted visits.


System Benefits

  • Cycle the power to devices in the traffic cabinet from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Receive instant alerts via text or email if a power failure, communications failure or equipment failure occurs.
  • Wirelessly update timing plans for your traffic signal systems.
  • Automatically generated reports keep you in the loop and help with decision-making.

Remotely Monitor

  • AC Voltage
  • Preemption Status
  • Battery Status
  • Signal Flash
  • Fan Status
  • Door Status
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Time Synchronization

You're Covered.

Applied Information offers an industry-leading warranty for our products and will replace your device in the case of knockdown, lightning, accidents – anything. You’re covered with Applied Information.

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