Applied Information Transportation Technology

Intersection Status and Monitoring System

Intersection control is probably the most widely deployed of all ITS system types. Implementations vary from small, isolated intersections running a free pattern, coordinated arterials and grid systems all the way to adaptive systems. At the more sophisticated end of the spectrum, intersections are connected to a central control system and information about the system is readily available. However, in most agencies, even those with central control systems, a large portion of the intersections are isolated with no communications link at all, meaning that agencies have no mechanism to monitor status.

Managing all of these units and ensuring proper functionality at the right time can be challenging. Units can be scattered throughout the jurisdiction and installed far from power and communications infrastructure. The Glance Intersection Status Monitoring System is a simple, non-intrusive solution that connects your assets and adds a new dimension of management and use to your infrastructure.


  • Increased confidence in system performance with automated and continuous monitoring and reporting without the need for costly inspections
  • Instant status change notification via SMS/Email when exception events occur, such as: cabinet flash, detector failure, dark intersection
  • Reduced downtime and improved response rates by knowing the location and exact status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Improved decision and project prioritizing by using logged performance and activity reports
  • Report on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by using existing detectors to collect data such as timing parameter validity, travel times, delays, emissions, etc.

Metrics that can be Monitored

  • AC Voltage
  • Battery Back Up Voltage
  • Battery Back Up System Alarms (Low Battery and On AC)
  • Monitor Battery
  • Cabinet Flash
  • Cabinet Stop Time
  • Cabinet Manual Flash
  • Cabinet Fan Status
  • Cabinet Heater Status
  • Conflict Monitor Status and Health
  • Cabinet Door Status
  • Cabinet Temperature
  • Cabinet Humidity
  • Preemption Status
  • Green Sense (which phases are active)
  • GPS Time Synchronization of Controller
  • Traffic Signal Controller (pass-through commutations such as Tactics to Siemens Controllers or Centracs to Econolight Controllers)

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