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TravelSafely School Zone Application Demonstration

A core feature of the new TravelSafely app from Applied Information is its ability to integrate with flashing school beacons. In this video, Bryan Mulligan narrates a demonstration of how the app encourages driver awareness in school zones.

TravelSafely™ uses map information to identify variable speed school zones. It also uses a connected vehicle messages to identify if the school zone is active. Says Mulligan, “The map message contains the geometry of the school zone, as well as the speed limit. And the connected vehicle message contains the status of the school beacon to indicate whether it is on or off.”

As a driver enters an active school zone, the name of the school and the lower speed limit are displayed in the application. The app then uses the smartphone’s GPS data to determine if the driver exceeds the speed limit at any point in the school zone.

If the driver does exceed the speed limit, the app immediately sounds a spoken audio alert informing the driver that he or she is speeding in a school zone. A matching warning is displayed on the app screen. This visual warning disappears when the driver slows down.

This technology is offered as an additional feature for Applied Information school beacons to give school districts an extra margin of safety.

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