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CBS 46 features launch of TravelSafely app in Marietta, GA

Drivers in Marietta, Georgia will soon have smartphone access to city traffic data, according to CBS46 Evening News. The new app is meant to save drivers time and increase traffic safety. The city will deliver real-time information about emergency services, road construction, and traffic accidents through the TravelSafely app.

The TravelSafely app will provide drivers with verbal alerts about upcoming hazards, allowing them to stay informed while keeping their eyes on the road. “We do not want you to interact with the app. We don’t want you to touch your phone. We want your phone to speak to you,” says City Manager Bill Bruton.

TravelSafely will warn drivers who exceed the speed limit in school zones and coordinate traffic signals with emergency services. Over the last several decades, traffic pattern changes have slowed down emergency response time to “more than double,” says Marietta Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs. The new app will link fire trucks to traffic signals, turning the light green well before a fire truck reaches an intersection.

The City of Marietta and Applied Information will be testing the app over the next several months. The public release is expected in early January 2018.

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  • Ken Cummings says:

    Your App needs to be applied to work zones as well! It should warn a driver when they approach the active work zone and tell them what their expected travel time through the work zone will be.

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