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TravelSafely Traffic Signal Alert Demonstration

A key feature of the new TravelSafely app is its ability to integrate with traffic signals. In this new video, Bryan Mulligan demonstrations the Glance TravelSafely™ signal alert engineering demo capabilities and shows how it offers additional driver awareness at traffic signals.

“Inside the car, the driver is informed about the status of the intersection as well as the countdown” to the green light, Mulligan explains. Upcoming lanes are color-coded to match the traffic signal, and a timer shows the number of seconds remaining before the light changes. The signal status and countdowns are often referred to as Signal Phase and Timing Information (SPaT). An audio alert informs the waiting driver just before the light turns green “Get ready for green”.

TravelSafely also alerts drivers who are in danger of running a red light. “In this situation, a distracted motorist simply does not see that there’s a traffic light ahead of him … The driver gets a warning and is able to brake and safely come to a halt.”

These safety and convenience applications can run concurrently with other navigation apps. In another demonstration, the driver’s smartphone displays the Google Maps app with active navigation. In the background, the TravelSafely™ app notices that the driver is quickly approaching a red light. The app recognizes potential danger and sounds an audible alert in time for the driver to stop.

Mulligan also shows how the app alerts the waiting driver just before the red light turns green with the audible alert “Get ready for green”. “The motorist, being prepared, is ready to take off without delaying the traffic behind him.”

The Glance TravelSafely™ app is powered by Applied Information Glance Smart City Supervisory System.

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