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Renew Atlanta Transportation Improvement Project Launched

Smart City technology developed by Applied Information was deployed today by the City of Atlanta connecting traffic signals, emergency vehicles and school zone safety flashers to the Internet of Things as part of the Renew Atlanta infrastructure improvement program.

The Applied Information technology includes the Glance TravelSafely™ smartphone app which will connect drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to the infrastructure and each other to improve safety and mobility in the covered corridors.

“Through the everyday use of smartphones and other wireless technology, we see that a connected world just works better,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information. “Connecting people on the move to make them more visible to each other can help save lives and make commuting safer and more enjoyable.”

The Applied Information Glance Smart City Supervisory System and Glance TravelSafely smartphone app offer many new Smarty City capabilities.

  • Emergency vehicles will receive priority and green lights at intersections to clear traffic ahead of time. Smartphone app users in the area will receive notification of the approaching emergency vehicle.
  • Forty-six of the city’s intersections, five school zone beacons, nine pedestrian crossing beacons and 24 Traffic Communications Corridors will be connected using Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) technology and wireless cellular technology. The intersections will communicate with the city’s traffic control center and enable traffic engineers to monitor and control the signals and beacons remotely.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians using the app are warned of a vehicle approaching at a dangerous speed and trajectory. In turn, drivers using the app are provided a message that a cyclist or pedestrian is ahead.
  • Motorists using the app receive a warning if they are about to run a red light. Additionally, drivers are provided with the status of the upcoming traffic signal and provided with an audible alert of “get ready for green”.
  • Motorists with the app are given notification that they have entered a school zone and a warning if they exceed the reduced speed limit.

The app is expected to be fully deployed and activated in January 2018. Anyone driving, cycling or walking in the Renew Atlanta coverage area can use the app which is free for Apple iPhone and Android users.

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