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QuickLook CCTV Technology Unveiled

QuickLook CCTV Technology

Applied Information is introducing its latest technological advance in releasing our new QuickLook CCTV Technology. This allows cities and departments of transportation to cost effectively connect CCTV cameras and monitor them. This technology can utilize cellular networks to send video back to the Glance central system. This system records CCTV video when events occur, so that only relevant video is sent back to the central system. This is used to verify events such as wrong way vehicle detection, overheight vehicles, queue warning detection and other applications. Video can be requested at any time thereby providing video on demand and it is only sent when necessary.

The system makes it possible to install CCTV cameras in rural locations where power and fiber optic networks are too expensive to install. Using solar panels and cellular communications makes it possible to reduce the costs of deployment.

The QuickLook CCTV technology works in conjunction with the Glance Platform, providing connectivity to the cloud-based Glance solution. Glance provides a web based platform monitor and control your CCTV cameras. Glance automatically stores the video when an event occurs and informs the users via email and SMS messages. 

Quick Look CCTV Technology Diagram


  • QuickLook CCTV video over cellular network
  • Alarm events automatically trigger short video clips to be sent to Glance
  • Verify alarm events with video feedback in both directions of traffic
  • No need for expensive data plans as you only send video when you need it.
  • Cloud based solution
  • Get a quick look of roadway and equipment status at any time you request.
  • Ability to connect multiple cameras to one AI-500 series controller
  • Low power consumption allows for remote installation with solar energy. 

Glance Quick Look CCTV technology


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