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Glance Smart City Supervisory System is now mobile ready

Applied Information has given the Glance Smart City Supervisory System a new responsive interface suitable for smartphone and tablet web browsers. This makes it easy to manage traffic infrastructure on the go.

Many integrated traffic systems still require transportation management personnel to access workstations at the office and in person. Since its launch, Glance has allowed users to manage traffic from any computer through a secure browser-based web app. Lately, many traffic managers, service technicians, and traffic engineers have been taking Glance with them to the job site. The team at Applied Information decided it was time to invest in making the Glance experience truly smartphone-friendly.

Now, technicians can test new installations, like school beacons and cellular strength, at a job site. There’s no need to return to the office to check everything is working correctly. Technicians can use their smartphones to make adjustments at the school beacons and traffic controllers to ensure systems are functioning correctly. The new Glance interface has on-the-go benefits for other traffic managers as well.

Traffic Management on the Go

Glance users can monitor, test, refresh, and manage school beacons and traffic controllers whenever they need to. For example, traffic managers can review real-time signal status during a meeting. Dispatchers and service technicians can prioritize task assignments based on problems at the site such as power availability and battery strength. School officials can turn on lighted beacons from their homes when they declare a predawn snow day. The new mobile interface simplifies access for a wide variety of users and situations.

Mobile-Friendly Map

The new Glance map is now easier to use on mobile devices. It uses icons to show the location of traffic controllers, school beacons, speed detectors, parking guidance systems, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) devices. The map allows two-finger scrolling so users can pan around. Users can pinch out to get a bird’s eye view of the city, or pinch in to see a single intersection. The map highlights lamp failures and provides diagnostic information so users can investigate problems the minute they are reported. The map also depicts the location of moving fire trucks and other mobile vehicle assets.

Priority Alarm List

In addition to the map display, the mobile Glance interface also includes a responsive list display that quickly surfaces priority alarms. This view shows all the devices in the account and provides an alternative way to navigate the data by itemizing the devices with the highest priority active alarms first. This gives users faster mobile access to the information behind traffic emergencies.

The Glance mobile device experience is the latest innovation from Applied Information to help the traffic management industry deploy the best technology available.

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