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CBS46 presents TravelSafely Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety

CBS46 presents TravelSafely Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety on 28th July 2017.

Extract from CBS46 news article:


CBS46 is showing you new technology that could save your life as you walk and bike throughout the city.

Bicycles and pedestrians make up just over 10 percent of all fatalities in Georgia. Now a new smartphone app can alert those considered the most vulnerable on our roads.

Most drivers at one point or another have seen a cyclist on the road. New technology can let your cellphone see that cyclist, or even someone walking.

Your phone will also alert you if you are too close.

“It provides an alert in the car that lets you know you are running too close to a cyclist,” says Bryan Mulligan with Applied Information, the Suwanee-based company behind the new app, called Travel Safety.

The company’s president tells CBS46 this is all about using existing technology to keep everyone safe.

“By connecting everything to everything, both the infrastructure, and the cyclist, and the pedestrians, and motorists to each other, it allows you to make everyone safer by giving them warnings when they are about to have a collision,” says Mulligan.

The alert system works both ways. Whether I’m riding a bicycle or just walking, the same alert he is getting inside the car is the alert I will get on the cell phone.

“By having the safety on both sides, you just provide an additional layer of safety.”

Connected technology can be a concern for some people. I questioned further how user’s privacy is protected.

“We never store where you are, where you are going, what speed or anything like that,” says Mulligan. “So that’s the anonymity part of it, that you are always anonymous in the system.”

They are in the testing phase now.

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