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Introducing the World’s First Infrastructure-Automotive Technology Laboratory: iATL

the iATL Grand Opening in Alpharetta, GA on January 10, 2020

The Infrastructure-Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) is the first facility in the world where automakers and transportation infrastructure manufacturers will be able to imagine, create and test technology and applications for connected vehicles to communicate with traffic signals and other smart roadside traffic control equipment.

The 4,400 square foot facility is a private-sector led initiative, powered by Applied Information, where professionals can design, create, and test new developments in traffic infrastructure and the realm of connected vehicle technology.

The tools available include dozens of different types of electronic devices that control everything from traffic signals to school zone safety beacons to electronic crosswalks. Automakers will be able to develop interactive safety apps that interact with the devices, and cellular network operators will further develop communication technology, such as the highly anticipated 5G connectivity standards.

Leading the Way

“The iATL is a prime example of Georgia’s leadership in developing critical technology that is so important to our state and national economies while at the same time improving the safety of all of us who use our streets and highways today,” said Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan. “I am particularly pleased that this incredible facility is privately sponsored and enjoys the overwhelming support of the local government and surrounding business community – where the rubber meets the road.”

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At the iATL automakers can test safety applications in real-world conditions in the streets of Alpharetta, GA which operates the first large-scale deployment of connected vehicle infrastructure technology using all forms of communications simultaneously – 4G LTE, Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X), Dedicated Short Range Radio (DSRC) and 900 MHz radio, underwritten by the North Fulton Community Improvement District.

iATL Grand Opening Event

The iATL officially opened on January 10th, 2020, with an event that drew over 200 public sector and transportation industry leaders. Opening day began with a workshop featuring government leaders, roadway operators and representatives of the automotive, cellular network and technology industries. The workshop discussion centered around policy and plans for connecting smart cars to a smart infrastructure. A ribbon-cutting ceremony followed the workshop, marking the official opening of the iATL.

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The Road Ahead

The grand opening of the iATL is just the beginning. Ultimately, the facility will serve as a springboard for countless connected vehicle technologies that will shape the future of transportation.

“The iATL is where automakers, roadway operators and technology companies can come together and make the vision of connected vehicles a reality now,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information. “The iATL is not just a collection of traffic devices in a laboratory, but it is embedded in an ecosystem of 125 connected intersections to test the Day One applications in real-world conditions.”

Stay tuned for future iATL events and opportunities by visiting the website and join us as we create and test the future of C-V2X technology.

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