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Glance Connected School Beacons

This 26-page eBook offers an inside look at how connected school beacons improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase safety.

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Technological innovations are making it easier to deploy and maintain flashing school zone beacon systems. The addition of cloud connectivity allows school beacons to be managed from anywhere.

In this 26-page eBook, we’ll provide an in-depth look at how connected school beacon systems, the benefits of remote management, and how the systems cut down on maintenance expenses.

Download your free copy and learn how the Glance Connected School Beacon system is changing the way managers monitor and manage beacon systems.

  • How to remotely adjust school beacon schedules
  • Practical ways to reduce beacon maintenance costs
  • Tips for using dynamic alerts to detect problems
  • Ways to remotely detect lamp failure
  • Methods for creating and viewing school beacon reports

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