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City of Marietta Enters Testing Phase to Roll Out New “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely App

City to Connect First Responders, School Beacons, Driver Feedback Signs, Vehicles, Pedestrians, School and Traffic Signals

MARIETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The City of Marietta is pleased to announce it is entering the testing phase to deploy the new “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely app that will soon be available on Apple and Android devices.

The Marietta TravelSafely app is designed to save lives by reducing first responder response time and making drivers, cyclists and pedestrians more visible to each other and improving traffic flow. Marietta TravelSafely currently connects first responders, school beacons, driver feedback signs, and will soon be deployed to all the city’s 120 traffic signals and anonymous smartphones using the app into a connected network. Like all smartphone apps, Marietta TravelSafely will be automatically updated with additional functions and improvements.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in the City of Marietta will be the first in the United States to connect to each other with a smartphone app that provides information from traffic signals and warns of approaching first responders and alerts the driver when entering a school zone.

“The technology behind the Marietta TravelSafely app will greatly reduce our first responders’ response time for calls for service and improve the safety of our citizens,” said Marietta Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs. “With this new technology, our department will be able to give our vehicles responding to emergency calls green lights to clear out the flow of traffic in a more organized and safe manner. The #2 cause of death for firefighters in this country is traffic accidents, therefore we all benefit if we can better ensure the safety of our first responders and the community we serve.”

As the first fully connected city, not only will first responders in Marietta automatically be given green lights at pre-cleared intersections to provide a safer route and shorten response time, but app users along the route of the first responder vehicle will also be warned of its approach and direction of travel.

“This will be an invaluable tool available to not only our citizens, but every person who enters into the City of Marietta,” said Marietta City Manager Bill Bruton. “This free app will provide an additional layer of communication which will help better keep our citizens informed and aware of their surroundings. Our goal is to improve the safety of drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians while addressing traffic concerns of our citizens. We are very excited about this new use of technology which is a first in the United States and will improve the quality of life of our community.”

Using the app, vehicles will be notified they are in a school zone, when the beacons are active, and be given a warning if they exceed the school zone speed limit by 5 MPH. Vehicles approaching intersections will communicate with traffic signals so drivers can adapt to traffic flow. Another feature of the app notifies drivers of cyclists and pedestrians ahead who in turn will be warned if a vehicle is approaching at an unsafe speed. Anyone driving, cycling or walking in the city can use the app which will automatically work in the city’s 23 square mile area.

“Through the everyday use of smartphones and other technology, we see that a connected world just works better,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information, developer of the TravelSafely app. “Connecting with Marietta TravelSafely has clearly visible benefits that can help save lives and make commuting safer and more enjoyable.”

The technology behind the TravelSafely app is developed and manufactured by Applied Information, Inc. with deployment by Temple, Inc.


City of Marietta
Lindsey Wiles, 770-794-5509
Communications Manager
Applied Information
Bill Wells, 404-281-7490

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