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Over 4,000 children are hurt each year loading and unloading from school buses and as many as 25,000 kids are injured annually when walking to or from school… Enter Alpharetta’s the iATL (Infrastructure Automobile Technology Laboratory), which has worked with its founding company, Applied Information, and other partners to create various traffic safety solutions since its early-2020 founding.

Audi is working with Applied Information and Temple Inc. and school bus manufacturer Blue Bird Corporation to develop C-V2X technologies that can communicate with cars around school buses and active school zones to help keep children safe. The C-V2X technology will initially be tested in Fulton County School District in Georgia this spring using a Blue Bird propane-powered school bus and a 2021 Audi e-tron Sportback.

January 10, 2020 feels like six years ago. That actually was just over a year ago when the coronavirus seemed like some foreign subject in the “international news” section. But the dreaded COVID-19 had already washed in from the shining sea then and by mid-March, people swarmed to gather amber waves of grain (and white rolls of paper). Then most of the United States hunkered down, as the nation changed its approach to almost every facet of everyday life.

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