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At CES 2023, Qualcomm’s (QCOM) all in on its auto business…. Qualcomm announced a number of R&D efforts tied to improving road safety and infrastructure. For example, the chipmaker has linked up with Applied Information, T-Mobile (TMUS) and Bellevue, Wash. to develop a cloud-connected pedestrian crosswalk.

Three voices blared simultaneously through my car’s speakers Monday morning in South End: One was my GPS directing me toward Krispy Kreme. Another was Taylor Swift and her new “Midnights” album. The third was the City of Charlotte’s new TravelSafely app.

Roger C. Lanctot –

Applied Information today released the results of a groundbreaking connected vehicle study demonstrating that school buses equipped with cellular-based traffic light pre-emption technology could see significant operational improvements. The simplicity of the study and the elegance and magnitude of its implications set the stage for a radical reconsideration of the role for and opportunity inherent in traffic light pre-emption.

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