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Winter Horbal: Needing a Woman’s Voice in The Transportation Industry

The future of transportation is something that affects all of us. Sadly, 40,000 people a year are killed on our roads—a number that, over time, we’ve grown to accept.

Now is the time to leverage innovation, technology and partnership between the private sector and government to offer new methods of keeping us safe. It’s how we’ll save lives, improve traffic and help the environment. We ultimately need new ways of looking at things and new perspectives. Because the transportation industry has been dominated by men for so long, this includes the perspective of women.

Winter Horbal: A Unique Perspective

As one of the most respected women in the transportation industry in Atlanta, Winter Horbal, Sales Representative at Temple, Inc., felt that need first hand. With a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in environmental engineering, Horbal’s career path introduced her to the transportation industry, where she discovered her true calling.

Consider this: one person dies on the road every 88 million miles. Now, that may seem like a lot of distance to cover. But as a part of her job, Horbal travels almost 50,000 miles a year, which gives her a 1/120 chance of being killed before her daughter goes to college. That really hit home and ultimately helped her recognize the contribution she could make to the traffic safety industry.

In the past, it was not uncommon for the talents of women to be overlooked, but the industry is changing. The idea that a career in transportation can help deliver safer roads and modes of transportation is exciting and worthwhile. For women who excel in and enjoy math and science, it can be an attractive option that comes with great satisfaction and tremendous benefits to society.

It’s an industry that needs more women to follow their passion and join forces in saving lives. The male-dominated industry puts itself at a significant disadvantage when it overlooks the talents and ideas that women can bring to the table.

To listen to Bryan Mulligan’s interview with Winter Horbal, her ideas on women in transportation, and the future of the industry, click here.

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