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School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch Unveiled

Applied Information unveils its new School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch – AI-500-070.

School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch

The new AI-500-070 series provides a cost-effective, easy to integrate means of adding monitoring and control to School Beacons Flashers. The simple Integrated School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch and Cellular Modem can be retrofitted into existing School Beacon cabinets to upgrade the school beacons to the latest technology. The unit combines GPS and cellular technology into a School Beacon Flasher timer switch to make it simple to deploy and easy to control via web cloud based software.

The unit provides an easy way to monitor the school beacons flasher status and health such as AC power, battery backup, monitor beacon current, cabinet door open, local overide control and temperature.

The unit works in conjunction with the Glance Platform, providing an cloud-based School Beacon Flasher solution. Simply connect the unit to your school beacons flasher to add monitoring and control to your equipment. The unit allows you to remotely configure schedules for the school beacons from the Glance cloud based software.

For more information see the AI-500-070 School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch

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