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Stay connected, stay informed. Applied Information developed the Glance Connected School Beacon System to provide schools and their communities a way to make surrounding roads and school transportation routes even safer. Once installed, the School Beacon System delivers the two major benefits of safer roads and improved remote scheduling maintenance capabilities to the schools and communities they serve. These benefits save time and money while making the roads safer for all users. Download the media kit for more information about any of the solutions within the suite of School Safety Products. 


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Audi and Navistar have partnered to further develop and demonstrate potential safety enhancing C-V2X technology in Navistar emergency vehicles and school buses. The partnership allows for both companies to develop use cases and safety enhancing demonstrations in close collaboration as members of the Volkswagen Group. First deployments are expected to begin this summer.
Technology has the potential to help prevent some of the more than 25,000 injuries and 100 fatalities that occur in school zones and at school bus stops in the U.S. annually. With that knowledge , Audi of America and partners Applied Information, Blue Bird, Fulton Co. School System, City of Alpharetta, and Temple, Inc., completed a cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) initial deployment to refine the technology for communities to adopt and begin to lay the groundwork for integration into future production vehicles.

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Roger C. Lanctot – Applied Information today released the results of a groundbreaking connected vehicle study demonstrating that school buses equipped with cellular-based traffic light pre-emption technology could see significant operational improvements. The simplicity of the study and the elegance and magnitude of its implications set the stage for a radical reconsideration of the role for and opportunity inherent in traffic light pre-emption.

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