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Applied Information and JSF Technologies Partner to Deliver Sustainable Connected Vehicle Safety Solutions for Pedestrians and School Zones

Applied Information, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, announced today a partnership with JSF Technologies Inc., to provide sustainable, Internet of Things (IoT) safety solutions for vulnerable road users (VRU).

Initial products are solar-powered school zone safety beacons and mid-block crossing beacons. School zone safety beacons notify drivers to slow down when students are arriving and leaving school. Mid-block crossing beacons warn motorists that a pedestrian is crossing the road.

Both products are solar-powered and are IoT connected to provide traffic engineers with the ability to monitor and control the devices. The IoT enabled devices also communicate with connected vehicles in the vicinity providing an extra layer of safety for VRUs.

The first large-scale deployment of school beacons is in Toronto where more than 500 school zone safety beacons are deployed with more to come in 2023 and 2024.

“Our partnership with Applied Information represents a cohesive approach in meeting the growing demand for intelligent transportation infrastructure,” said Phil Eastman, General Manager of JSF Technologies Inc. “We look forward to collaborative innovation and development with Applied Information to achieve mutual goals for a sustainable and safer future.”

“Our partnership with JSF Technologies, represents the future of the industry – sustainable and connected,” said Peter Ashley, Vice-President of Business Development for Applied Information, Inc. “We look forward to a successful partnership by providing proven, safety enhancements for communities across North America.”

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