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Career Opportunity – Technology Application Engineer

What We Do

Applied Information is a technology company headquartered in Suwanee, GA. We make field devices for a variety of traffic applications and use wireless telematics, cloud computing, and web software to turn Data into Information for our customers.

Job Duties

You would primarily be responsible for providing application engineering to our VP of Operations. This includes:

  • Turning concept designs into manufacturing product designs.
  • Helping design QA/QC processes that result in quality products being shipped to our customers.
  • Supporting manufacturing operations with problem solving skills.
  • Supporting our customers in being able to successfully deploy our technologies.

The job would involve occasional travel to customers across the county to support initial turn-on and support training.  You must be a self-starter with strong problem solving skills and a good level of initiative and self-supervision.


Must be a graduate EE in electrical/electronic engineering, with familiarity in embedded software. We do challenging work, so strong technical skills will be necessary. We are looking for a candidate with 3-5 years of varied work experience.

Send your résumé to Sue Picken at or phone 678-830-2170 for more information.

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