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AT&T partnership provides end-to-end access and solutions

The partnership between AT&T and Applied Information is creating “smarter cities” by providing wireless connectivity and end-to-end solutions that cover all aspects of the physical, technical, and network of its systems.

Applied Information’s cloud and web-based Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon systems give city and county officials a simple, easy-to-use interface that provides remote monitoring and control of the school beacon systems in their communities. Likewise, the partnership allows for full-spectrum communication for Applied Information’s traffic preemption systems.

The partnership between the two provides for end-to-end communication — from every component of Applied Information’s hardware and software to AT&T’s vast utility network. A team of technicians are dedicated to round-the-clock monitoring all active connections and often diagnose and contain problems before the client ever knows the problem exists.

A full-spectrum solution

The end-to-end view of the school beacon system allows officials to immediately identify, monitor and make changes to any and all facets of the system. The partnership allows direct access to the AT&T portal so that Applied Information can monitor and manage network changes and provide an end-to-end solution. This allows AI to confirm functionality of its own system’s component as it looks at the full network of communication supplied by AT&T.

More, with its preemption systems, the partnership allows emergency service vehicles a special provision to the network at all times. In an emergency situation where cell lines might be blocked because of excessive activity, the emergency vehicles and personnel equipped with the Glance system would have priority access.

Guaranteed connectivity

The partnership allows for 5- and 10-year connection guarantees and 5- and 10-year extended warranties with each system purchase. That means that if cellular technology should change within the guarantee period, Applied Information will provide the client with the updated equipment to keep their system at top function with the advancing AT&T system.

Likewise, the systems come with a full warranty of its hardware during the guarantee period, plus over-the-air software updates, over-the-air security updates as well as telephone and email support throughout the life of the system.

Significant strides in technology have made major advancements in traffic preemption and school beacon systems. Applied Information’s partnership with AT&T is providing a one-point, cross-platform communication system for its clients, that takes those advancements to yet another level of service for cities and counties.

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