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TravelSafely Pedestrian Proximity Application Demonstration

The Glance TravelSafely™ smartphone app features a pedestrian proximity alert to provide an extra measure of safety between drivers and passersby. Applied Information President Bryan Mulligan explains, “Connected vehicle applications run on smartphones.” When two connected smartphones are in close proximity, both users receive an audio warning indicating dangerous proximity.

“BSM and PSM messages are exchanged between the motorist and the pedestrian and cause warnings to be issued in the event of a risk of collision,” says Mulligan. In the demonstration, a distracted driver backs out of a parking space near a distracted pedestrian looking at his smartphone. Both phones detect the danger and simultaneously sound a warning alarm. Then, a verbal warning explains the problem. In Mulligan’s demonstration, both the driver and the pedestrian react in time to prevent a collision.

Applied Information continues to develop the Glance TravelSafely™ app. In the future, motorists and vulnerable road users will have another level of spacial awareness to keep them safe.

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