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Applied Information Joins 5G Automotive Association as the Leading U.S. C-V2X Infrastructure Technology Provider

Infrastructure, drivers, and pedestrians connect to each other with TravelSafely™ smartphone app

ATLANTA(February 21, 2019) – Applied Information, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, announced today that it has joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) – an organization made up of more than 100 automotive, technology, and telecommunications companies working together to develop cellular vehicle-to-everything solutions (C-V2X) for mobility and transportation services.

“The 5GAA is leading the private sector effort that is necessary to make the many safety benefits of connected vehicles a reality, and we are pleased to be a part of, and support, that activity,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information. “It is entirely appropriate for the private sector to develop and drive adoption of this technology and to make it available through existing mobile networks for vehicles, pedestrians, andthe nation’s infrastructure.”

Applied Information’s LTE C-V2X products are deployed in over 500 cities, counties, school districts, and states in the U.S. – providing cellular connectivity to traffic signals, school zone flashing beacons, emergency vehicles, andother traffic control devices. Transportation engineers are empowered to monitor and control their traffic management networks anywhere and anytime with a smartphone or tablet with the technology.

Applied Information’s TravelSafely™ smartphoneapp connects drivers to the infrastructure, providing the first application of connected vehicle technology using data from multiple infrastructure sources for day-to-day use by the general public. TravelSafely also connects these vehicles to other app users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders to provide alerts and warnings of potential crashes.

Applied Information plans to deploy next-generation 5G C-V2X to its connected infrastructure technology in 2019 – upgrading existing installations as market conditions demand.

About the 5GAA
The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is a global cross-industry organization of companies from the automotive, technology, and telecommunications industries (ICT) working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services. Created in 2016, the association includes over 100 members whose mission is to develop, test, and promote communications solutions, initiate their standardization, and accelerate their commercial availability and global market penetration, to address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs with applications such as automated driving, ubiquitous access to services, and integration into smart city and intelligent transportation. For more information, visit 5GAA’s website at

About Applied Information
Applied Information is the industry-leadingdeveloper of Smart Cities, connected, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions designed to save lives, improve traffic, drive commerce, and help the environment. Applied Information’s Glance Smart City Supervisory platform enables cities to manage all their traffic and ITS assets onone web-basedapplication. Key product areas are smart traffic signals, school zone flashing beacons, emergency vehicle preemption, transit,andfreight priority and ITSsystems. AI’s free TravelSafely™ smartphone app connects drivers, cyclists,andpedestrians, and the transportation infrastructure for a safer mobility experience. For more information, visit

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