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What You Need to Know About the Smart Stop Lights Act of 2019

The rise of Tesla has ignited hopes of a future where autonomous vehicles would maximize efficiency and minimize accidents, while enabling drivers and passengers to read a book, work or watch a movie without paying attention to the road. While these aspirations may still be years away, the same underlying technology is already helping to alleviate traffic in other ways.

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It’s Time to Go Play in the Traffic​ – an Update from Bryan Mulligan

Greetings! 2019 has been quite a year. I feel like I’ve seen more change over the last ten months than in my previous 23 years in the traffic industry. That may sound extreme, but big things are happening! C-V2X advances from Ford, the growth of the 5GAA and the announcement of the iATL in Alpharetta have created tremendous momentum in the traffic industry. What’s amazing is that 2020 looks to build on where we’ve been and push the market even further.

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Flashing School Beacon systems are critical to safety but can be difficult to maintain. The Glance Pedestrian Safety and Control System is a simple, non-intrusive solution that connects your assets and adds a new dimension of management for your infrastructure.

  • Easily view and control school beacon flashers
  • Advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override
  • Complete speed feedback systems

Traffic signal preemption requests are critical to ensuring that emergency vehicles are able to arrive on scene as fast as possible. The Glance Preemption and Priority System combines cellular, radio transmission, and GPS technology into one, easy to use tool.

  • Monitor the location and status of vehicles at all times
  • GPS with dead reckoning mitigates any low signal areas
  • Simple rules-based engine makes configuration simple and easy

Managing and monitoring intersections can be challenging. The Glance Intersection Status Monitoring System is a simple, non-intrusive solution that connects your assets and adds a new dimension of management and use to your infrastructure.

  • Automated and continuous monitoring
  • Reduce downtime and improve response rates
  • Instant status change notification via SMS/Email

Applied Information’s groundbreaking Connected Vehicle System leverages “multilingual” technology to seamlessly communicate with C-V2X radios, DSRC radios, and the 4G LTE cellular network.

  • Enables C-V2X, DSRC, 4G LTE cellular communication, and 900MHZ
  • Easily expand to 5G for future compatibility
  • Trusted by key organizations such as Qualcomm, 5GAA, and Ford

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