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A Safer Turn Ahead: Applied Information and Wavetronix Partner to Safeguard Unprotected Left Turns, with New Technology Pilot Reporting 25% Reduction in Crashes

ALPHARETTA, GA (December 20, 2023) – Applied Information, Inc. (AI), the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, announced today a partnership with Wavetronix to enhance safety at unprotected left turns. The collaboration, highlighted by a successful pilot in Peachtree Corners, GA, showed a 25% reduction in car crashes along a busy four-lane highway.

Brandon Branham, Assistant City Manager of Peachtree Corners, GA, noted the impact of the installation: “One of the pilot locations, on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, saw upwards of six car crashes annually. Since piloting this technology, police reports have shown a 25% decrease in accidents at this left turn location.”

Crossing lanes of traffic is a leading cause of crashes, with unprotected left turns accounting for more than half of all crashes when crossing the pathway of other vehicles, according to a federal study . Additionally, more than one-third of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle.

Bryan Mulligan, President and CEO of Applied Information comments, “The challenge of the unprotected left turn is a significant one in the traffic industry. This advanced technology can contribute to a significantly better and safer world — and widespread adoption of this technology has the potential to save many lives.”

Applied Information’s Intelligent Left Turn Solution alerts motorists when it is unsafe to make a left turn. Utilizing radar detection, cloud computing, and an advanced algorithm, it monitors the speed and trajectory of oncoming traffic, triggering warnings when it is potentially unsafe to turn. This is especially crucial in areas with obstructed views or where high-speed oncoming vehicles might cause misjudgments of traffic gaps. Compatible with C-V2X (Connected Vehicle to Everything) technology, the solution marks a significant advancement in the potential to reduce the occurrence of unsafe left turns.

“Wavetronix’ mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of the world’s roads with technology,” says Quincy Guerra, the Wavetronix technical manager in Georgia. “Making unprotected left turns safer for drivers is a big part of that mission, and we are honored to be a part of this important project.”

With the pilot proving successful, Wavetronix and Applied Information, in partnership with their distributors, are set to make the solution commercially available in 2024. For more information and to view the solution in action, visit:

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