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Applied Information Granted Patent for TravelSafely Connected Vehicle Smartphone App to Help Prevent Crashes and Improve Safety in School Zones

WASHINGTON, DC (September 14, 2021) – Applied Information, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent covering key aspects of its TravelSafely connected vehicle (CV) smartphone app which can alert drivers and vulnerable road users of potentially dangerous situations.

U.S. Patent 11,069,234 entitled Systems, Methods, and Devices for Communication Between Traffic Controller Systems and Mobile Transmitters and Receivers provides for smartphones with the TravelSafely app, and other in-vehicle computers, to communicate with properly equipped traffic control devices to deliver traveler information and safety messages such as red-light running and speeding in active school zones. The patent also provides for the communication of safety messages between smartphones with TravelSafely enabling pedestrians and cyclists to be warned of a potentially dangerous encounter with a vehicle.

“With almost 300 million smartphones in use in the U.S. today, the TravelSafely smartphone app is a quick and efficient way to bring the safety benefits of connected vehicle technology to motorists and vulnerable road users today,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information, Inc. “As more cars come equipped with cellular service the opportunity to improve safety on the roadways becomes even greater.”

The patent also covers the unique ability to determine what lane a vehicle occupies and how that relates to the traffic signal’s phase, for example knowing if the vehicle is in a turning lane and providing a “Get Ready for Green” message for that lane. Additionally, the app calculates the trajectory and velocity of the vehicle in relation to the traffic signal to warn of potential red light running.

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