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Applied Information Creates Transit Signal Priority Division, Led by Industry Veteran Bob Riebe

ALPHARETTA, GA (June 18, 2024) – Applied Information, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, announced the opening today of their Transit Signal Priority division, led by new Vice President of Transit, Bob Riebe.

Applied Information’s new division aims to give green lights to public transit vehicles across the approximately 7,000 transit authorities in North America, increasing the efficiency and reliability of public transportation by reducing unplanned stops. This builds on their freight priority technology, which a study published in the Journal of Transportation Engineering indicated could lead to a 47% reduction in vehicle travel time.

“On-time and efficient public transit provides huge societal benefits,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information, Inc. “Prioritizing transit vehicles for green lights at intersections enables riders to reach their destinations more quickly and safely than before, while improving the trip’s environmental impact. We look forward to working with Bob, whose experience will help us be much more effective in this important market.”

“I am beyond thrilled to join Applied Information as the leader of the transit division,” said Mr. Riebe. “Together, we will continue to reduce transit delays, increase on-time performance, and significantly reduce our environmental footprint through innovative, eco-friendly solutions. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, I am committed to positioning our division as a global leader in smart city and intelligent transportation solutions.”

With over two decades of expertise in International Business Development within the Intelligent Transportation Industry, Mr. Riebe has a distinguished background in urban mobility.  His career, rooted in next-generation artificial intelligence transportation technologies, is dedicated to transforming urban transportation through innovative solutions that enhance both mobility and efficiency.  Mr. Riebe’s commitment to innovation and profound understanding of urban transportation challenges make him an essential collaborator for projects focused on creating smarter, safer, and more efficient cities. His proven track record in implementing transformative transportation solutions includes the deployment of advanced technologies that optimize and improve public transportation systems. Mr. Riebe’s expertise encompasses the development and integration of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart city infrastructures, consistently delivering superior results that improve urban mobility and promote sustainable urban environments.

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In 2011, Applied Information® transformed the traffic industry by using Internet of Things technology to make school zones safer for children. Today, Applied Information makes it easy to see and manage all types of traffic control devices from anywhere, on your phone or in a browser. Our Glance® technology provides hardware, software, communications, cloud computing and cutting-edge connected vehicle applications in one easy-to-use solution.

Applied Information’s customers and employees create a safer and more reliable travel experience for millions of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, bus riders and first responders across North America.

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