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Glance System Basics 

1. AI Training Series Introduction

2. Log In

3. Password Reset

4. Edit Profile Parameters

5. Change Map View

6. How to use the Map Interface

7. How to use the Street View

8. User Activity Report

9. Device Search

10. Alarms Report

11. Graph Comparisons

Glance Preemption System

1. Series Introduction

2. How to Navigate Preemption System

3. How to Use Vehicle Playback

4. How to Show Trails for Vehicles

5. Vehicle Trip Reports

6. Intersection Reports

7. Preempt Vehicle Reports

8. Health Reports

Installing Preemption Cabinet Systems

1. Installing Preemption Cabinet Systems

2. Preparing for Installation

3. Wiring Monitoring Wires

4. Wiring in Preemption Wires to the Back panel

5. NEMA Cabinet Install

6. Using Preemption Detector Cards

7. Using Preemption Over Ethernet

8. Installing Green Sense

9. Installing Antennas – Cellular, GPS and 900mhz radio

Commissioning Preemption Cabinet Systems

1. How to Ensure FMU2 is Wired Correctly

2. How to Test Signal Cellular Strength FMU2

3. Process to Follow for Commissioning Preemption or Priority

Intersection Configuration Utilities

1. Preemption Rule Setup 911 Utility

2. Changing GPS Coordinates in Map Utility

3. Changing the Names of Devices and Moving Business

4. Configuration Utility – What Information is Needed

5. Preempt Intersections When Departing the Wrong Way

6. Intersection CV Setup C-V2X Network

Installing Vehicle Preemption Units

1. How to Prepare for Standard VPU Wiring

2. Preparing for Installation of the Standard Preemption Vehicle Units

Commissioning Vehicle Preemption Units

1. How to Commission the Standard VPU

2. How to Test Signal Cellular Strength

3. How to Drive Test with Vehicle Test Box

4. How to Drive Test TravelSafely with Fire Vehicles

Configuration Forms and the RMA Process

1. Configuration Forms

2. How to request an RMA for repair of a device

Introduction to Glance Connected Vehicles

1. What is CV2X?

2. What are J2735 Messages?

3. The Difference Between CV2X and DSRC Explained

4. The Difference Between Uu (CV2N) vs PC5 (CV2X-Direct) Explained

5. Current Applications of CV2X Technology

Glance CV2X System Overview

1. Intersection Hardware

2. On-Board Units (OBUs) Explained

3. TravelSafely as an OBU

4. CV2X Data Exchange – Connecting the FMU to a Traffic Signal Controller

Glance for CV2X Systems

1. How To Navigate Glance Monitoring

2. How To Navigate Glance Reports

Glance CV2X System Installation

1. Pre-Installation Procedures

2. Installation – Required Tools

3. Installation – Best Practices for Cable Running

4. Installation – Hardware Wiring

5. Installation – Mounting the AI-500-095 (Device and Antenna)

Glance CV2X System Configuration

1. SPaT Configuration – J2735 Controllers vs TSCBM Controllers

2. SPaT Configuration – Siemens Controllers

3. SPaT Configuration – Econolite Controllers

4. SPaT Configuration – Trafficware Controllers

5. SPaT Configuration – Intelight Controllers

6. SPaT Configuration – McCain Controllers

7. SPaT Messaging through NTCIP Polling

8. Roadside Unit (RSU) Configuration

9. Confirming Communication Between the RSU and the FMU

Creating MAP Files for the CV2X System

1. Creating USDOT MAP Files

System Commissioning: Drive Tests

1. OBU Drive Test: Preparation

2. OBU Drive Test: Equipment and Process

3. OBU Drive Test: Setting up the Equipment (Message Logger, Antenna)

4. TravelSafely Drive Test: Equipment and Process

5. System Commissioning: Checklist

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