Glance vs. Opticom Preemption

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How does the Glance® Preemption System from Applied Information compare to the Opticom® IR System?

When choosing a traffic preemption system for your agency, it can be difficult to compare the available options. Explore this page to discover how Applied Information’s Glance Preemption System compares to the Opticom system offerings.

Opticom IR
Long Range Redundant Communications
Local Operation / Storage
Supports Fire / EMS, Police, TSP, Bus, Snow Plow
Real-Time Standard Communications
Over-the-Air Device Updates
Standard Web-Access Map Display
Paid Connectivity & Support Plan
Connected Vehicle - Network CV2X
Advanced Communications
100% Warranty Included with Connectivity / Support Plan

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Key Differences Between Glance and Opticom

Redundant Communication Network

Glance combines cellular and 900MHz radio signals. This dual-mode redundancy ensures reliable long-range communication for emergency vehicles in all weather conditions and heavy traffic, without being limited by line-of-sight or crowded 2.4Ghz radio frequency.

Real-Time Communication

Glance provides second-by-second vehicle location updates during preemption, a level of detail not available without purchasing Opticom Central Management Software. Furthermore, Glance includes remote over-the-air software and security updates which keeps field equipment on the latest features.

Distributed Intelligence Design

Applied Information's Glance system stores preemption rules both in the cloud and locally. This distributed intelligence allows it to maintain functionality even with central communication loss or a single device fault.

Seamless Integration with Traffic Controllers

Applied Information's Glance system integrates direct communications with all modern traffic signal controllers, delivering critical controller information that supports Traffic and Traffic Engineering objectives while delivering leading-edge preemption and priority. This integration allows for advanced monitoring and real-time alerts.

Advanced Communication Capabilities

Glance supports real-time video streaming, Ethernet communications to other devices in the signal cabinet, and connected vehicle messages over cellular networks, enabling both V2I and V2N capabilities not available with Opticom’s traditional systems.

Enhanced Resilience with Local Storage

Glance stores programming locally, ensuring decision-making capability at intersections even if central communication is lost. Opticom Central Based systems rely solely on central communication, risking catastrophic system failure if a single server or software fails.

Map Display Functionality

Applied Information's Glance system includes a web-accessible map display for visual monitoring on laptops and tablets, as well as specifically formatting for mobile phone access. Map and live detail accessibility is not a standard feature in Opticom systems. This functionality shows active operation and details to support those that manage traffic signals, emergency, transit and service vehicles.

 100% Warranty + Connectivity & Support Plan

The Glance Preemption System connectivity and support plan includes dedicated support for the system and an unlimited warranty, ensuring long-term reliability, cost-free warranty, device updates, guaranteed connectivity, and Glance updates. Worry-free ownership is a key customer factor. Opticom only provides a limited-time warranty.

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These features demonstrate that Applied Information’s Glance Preemption system includes a long list of capabilities that Opticom lacks. Glance Preemption also enhances and expands upon the fundamental aspects of traffic preemption technology, offering a desirable, adaptable, and future-ready solution.

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