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Traffic Intersection Performance Measuring for Johannesburg Roads Agency

Project Background

Johannesburg is the largest city in Southern Africa and has over 7 million people living in the metropolitan area. Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) manages over 1,200 intersections throughout the city. South African traffic management is unique as they have to deal with many issues that do not affect first world countries. These included regular power failures, rolling black outs, cable theft, metal theft, and many other items that make traffic management much more difficult.

JRA wanted to be able to monitor the performance of their traffic intersections to ensure the highest available uptime. JRA wanted to monitor the intersection to find problem intersections and areas so that they could address those traffic intersections.

System Description:

Applied Information developed a solution based on a Field Communications Monitoring Unit (FCMU) and cloud based Glance management software. This performance measuring system would provide the city with feedback on how each traffic intersection was operating. If any faults were detected an alert would be sent to the correct personnel.

The FCMU unit was installed with a battery backup that could operate for 8 hours with no power. This insured if there was a power failure we could report the correct operation of the traffic intersection. The FCMU came preinstalled with a GPS sensor and cellular modem so that the system can self-locate and communicate back to the Glance platform. Setup of the system was very simple as the device receives all configuration information from the Glance Server and requires no local configuration. The FCMU unit was able to monitor the AC mains voltage, 220V main street red, temperature of cabinet, backup battery voltage, door status, signal cycle time and signal status. This information provided the city with complete knowledge of what was happening with the traffic signal controller resources.

The FCMU were installed on 3 different controller types, Siemens, Syntell and Automoto controllers. The FMCU also provides the ability for other central system to communicate to the traffic signal controller directly through the FCMU to update traffic plans.

The Glance software was used to monitor the reliability the traffic intersections. The Glance software can automatically send out faults via email and text messages to personnel. This informs management and maintenance technician instantly when there is an issue with a traffic intersection and what that problem is.

JRA traffic robots glance screenshot

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