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ParkIT Parking Guidance System for Regent Square

Project Background

Regent Square is a large shopping center in Cape Town, located in a dense urban area. The shopping center was experiencing parking pressure and losing customers to local competitors as a result. To entice more shoppers to their location, they needed to improve the parking experience.

Regent Square wanted their guests to find parking spaces faster and easier. They also wanted to utilize their parking to the fullest extent possible. Customer satisfaction is critical for their business. Regent Square chose SATT and Applied Information Inc. ParkIT Parking Guidance Solution to improve their parking facility.

System Description

The idea behind ParkIT is to guide the motorist step by step to the first available parking space inside a parking garage. We do this by providing the motorist with parking information at each decision point and guide them directly to the available parking space.

ParkIT provides parking sensors in every individual parking bay that detects the presence of a parked car. Small controller cards are installed in sections, counting the number of available bays in its zone. Aggregates of various areas- per lane, per floor, even per parking structure are displayed on variable message signs.

Some of the benefits from the system were;

  • Quicker parking and more time in the shops by happier customers
  • More efficient driving routes mean greener parking with reduced CO2 emissions in the parking structure
  • Increased revenue from usage of every parking bay, even during peak times and seasons
  • Reduce fraud with audits of parking revenue. You’ll know exactly how long each bay is occupied.

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