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School Zone Flashing Beacons Monitoring

Equipped with a simple to use interface, cities can easily view and control school zone flashing beacons and their schedules from anywhere. Using the AI-500-070 School Zone Flashing Beacons Timer Switch with Glance, we support advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override. The AI-500-070 timer switch can be retrofitted into existing cabinets or installed in new cabinets. Speed feedback systems can provide 85th percentile speeds to verify the speed in your pedestrian safety zones.


  • Increased confidence in system performance with automated and continuous monitoring and reporting without the need for costly inspections
  • Instant status change notification via SMS/Email when battery is flat, charging stops, power is lost, and even when beacons have failed
  • Make schedule changes or manually activate one or all beacons from your desk or smartphone with immediate effect
  • Works with both AC and Solar Flashing Beacons
  • Reduced downtime and improved response rates by knowing the location and exact status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Retrieve traffic stats without sending personnel to the site
  • Remotely access logs for performance reports confirming actual on/off times
  • Battery monitoring indicates when it’s time to replace battery before there is a problem

For more information check out the brochure: AI-500-070 School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch

Or check our video detailing some features: Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon

School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch


Glance - School Zone Flashing Beacon

Glance – Showing School Zone Beacons

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