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The city of Atlanta recently launched the TravelSafely app, the newest tool to be used along the North Avenue Smart Corridor. The 2.3 mile stretch of North Avenue from Ponce City Market to Georgia Tech will utilize the intuitive new app, powered by Applied Information. It uses smart technology to connect users to city infrastructure, school beacon systems, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, traffic light changes and emergency vehicles. The app provides audible warnings to alert users of potentially dangerous traffic situations such as runners and cyclists and when users are speeding toward a curve or school zone, all while keeping their eyes on the road……..

The car’s gull-wing doors flew open, and my team and I hopped inside, a swell of triumphant music and dry-ice underscoring our journey into the future.

It’s all true, every word — except for the dry-ice part. And the music was probably just in my head.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is the wave of the very-near future, and competitive regions everywhere, including Atlanta, are preparing their infrastructure to make the most it.

Internet of Things technologies have been positioned as the cure-all for numerous urban challenges ranging from public safety to sustainability commitments to transportation issues. Cities are increasingly using IoT both reactively — to address obstacles like crime as they arise — and proactively — to collect and analyze data and inform future policy. But understanding and tackling these complex obstacles requires not only deploying the technologies, but the know-how and experience of experts in each of these sectors.

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