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N3 Over-height Detection System

Project Background

South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL), manages all of South Africa’s state owned highways. They finance, improve, manage and maintain the national road network.

SANRAL is trying to reduce traffic congestion and to protect its assets such as bridges and tunnels from over-height vehicles.

 System Description

The over-height detection system from SATT and Applied Information were based on the latest laser technologies. The system detected over-height vehicles driving towards bridges, tunnels and other structures and warns drivers that they are over the maximum height. A warning message is activated when an over-height vehicle is detected and displayed on a VMS sign.

VMS signs showing over height detected vehiclesThe over-height detection system and the VMS signs were controlled via the Glance Central software. The Glance platform allows operator to monitor and control the over-height detection system and the VMS signs. The Glance system allows operator to override the VMS messages and create custom text messages. The Glance software can automatically send notifications when a vehicle violates the height restrictions. The system also sends out faults via email and text messages to personnel. This informs management and maintenance technician instantly when there is an issue with a traffic intersection and what that problem is.

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