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Increase Revenue in Equipment Rentals

Interesting challenge for equipment rental stores – how do you track service intervals when a renter could have used your equipment for 1 hour to 24 hours in the rental period?   Even equipment with an Operating Hours Counter require personnel to read and log and track – not always done.

Applied Information has an answer that not only helps you manage your maintenance schedule for any type of equipment, but also creates a means for increasing revenue!   By installing an AI field module onto the equipment, the operating hours will be tracked as well as any other engine or motor parameters needed.  When the equipment is returned to the store, it makes a connection with the local WiFi network, uploads its data to Glance, and a report is sent to the store operator with usage data, maintenance recommendations, and any abnormal parameter information.  This has the obvious benefits of helping manage the maintenance schedule and even triggering preventive maintenance.  But the real kicker is the ability to implement a new rental rate policy that allows you to increase revenue from heavy users. For example – $112/day (up to 8 hours) + $11/hour for each additional hour in a 24 hour period.

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