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Smart Ways to Proactively Monitor & Maintain Traffic Controllers

Smart ways to proactively monitor and maintain traffic controllers

It’s difficult to imagine driving before the age of traffic lights—that is, until you come across a dark intersection. Traffic comes to a halt, impatient motorists experience near-misses, and pedestrians have no safe way to cross the street.

Proactively monitoring and maintaining traffic controllers can avoid these issues and keep everything running smoothly. While this level of monitoring used to require a lot of resources, new technologies have automated these processes and can help you save significant time and money.… Continue Reading

How to manage an AC power failure to your traffic controller system

How to manage an AC power failure to your traffic controller system

When power is lost at an intersection, traffic signals go offline and these interruptions create dangerous traffic conditions. Traffic managers often have no idea there’s a problem until a motorist calls to report the outage. This leads to late or inefficient allocation of personnel and equipment. Additionally, traffic managers struggle to accumulate the data to justify an investment in battery backups and other infrastructure. New technology has been developed to help traffic managers track outages in up-to-the-minute detail. This technology … Continue Reading