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Georgia School Zones Made Safer with Internet of Things Technology

Applied Information and AT&T will make school zones safer and more reliable for school children across the state with smart Internet of Things beacon technology. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) installs technology from Applied Information to improve road safety in school zones across the state with the company’s smart beacon

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Smart Summer Maintenance Tips for School Beacons

Many schools use school zone flashing beacons to reduce the speed limit during the school start and end times. While all drivers are taught to slow down in school zones, flashing beacons increase driver compliance by drawing attention to their speed and/or the speed limit. These reductions in speed are

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How much does a connected school zone flashing beacon system cost?

A cloud-connected, school zone flashing beacon system can significantly improve school zone communication and safety, and in turn enhances pedestrian, bicyclist and driver safety. Adding remote access to your school beacon system adds a new level of convenience, accuracy, safety and efficiency to each beacon location, as well as your

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10 Features that modern Flashing School Zone Beacon Systems should include

When school is in session, accurate and clear school zone communication is critical in keeping pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers safe. Technology has advanced school beacon systems to keep accuracy, convenience, and security at the forefront. Here are ten features all modern Flashing School Zone Beacon systems should include: 1. Internal

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TravelSafely School Zone Application Demonstration

A core feature of the new TravelSafely app from Applied Information is its ability to integrate with flashing school beacons. In this video, Bryan Mulligan narrates a demonstration of how the app encourages driver awareness in school zones. TravelSafely™ uses map information to identify variable speed school zones. It also

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Fort Bend, Texas flashing school beacon system deployment

Fort Bend, Texas, has installed and deployed 140 new school beacons that use the Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon system on its streets. The cloud- and web-based system provides a cellular modem in each beacon that allows personnel to monitor and update the entire system remotely, making it the most

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Gwinnett County’s school beacon system presented Outside the Box Award

ITS Georgia is a state chapter of ITS America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Gwinnett County was recently awarded the ITS GA 2016 Innovation for Outside the Box Award for the implementation of the Glance School Zone Flashing

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Essentials for low friction delivery and maintenance of school beacons

Technology has played an integral part in the advancements that have been made in the transportation industry. While these improvements and efficiencies have brought about progress, they have not necessarily been easy to deliver and maintain. School beacons are a classic example of technology that requires a labor-intensive installation and

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