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Smart Ways to Proactively Monitor & Maintain Traffic Controllers

Smart ways to proactively monitor and maintain traffic controllers

It’s difficult to imagine driving before the age of traffic lights—that is, until you come across a dark intersection. Traffic comes to a halt, impatient motorists experience near-misses, and pedestrians have no safe way to cross the street.

Proactively monitoring and maintaining traffic controllers can avoid these issues and keep everything running smoothly. While this level of monitoring used to require a lot of resources, new technologies have automated these processes and can help you save significant time and money.… Continue Reading

Remotely identifying and repairing signal failures

Remotely identifying and repairing signal failures

Even the most advanced traffic monitoring systems have occasional failures. Often, the fix is a simple re-set, but the critical question is: How quickly can your system communicate the specific problem?

Will you need to send a technician on site to the traffic cabinet to determine the problem? Will he or she have the correct tools and skills to make the repair when they get there? New technology is allowing systems to identify the source of the problem immediately. Best … Continue Reading

Seven metrics you can monitor with intelligent traffic cabinet monitoring

Seven metrics you can monitor with intelligent traffic cabinet monitoring

Traffic monitoring and preemption systems can contribute substantially to the safety and efficiency of a community and recent innovations have dramatically increased the intelligence of traffic cabinet system. These systems are becoming increasingly more valuable as they get smarter.

A typical system might only monitor the traffic controller while newer, intelligent traffic control systems can monitor both the hardware and software components related to the entire cabinet. Here are seven traffic cabinet systems metrics that can now be remotely monitored:… Continue Reading