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Smart Ways to Proactively Monitor & Maintain Traffic Controllers

It’s difficult to imagine driving before the age of traffic lights—that is, until you come across a dark intersection. Traffic comes to a halt, impatient motorists experience near-misses, and pedestrians have no safe way to cross the street. Proactively monitoring and maintaining traffic controllers can avoid these issues and keep

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Remotely identifying and repairing signal failures

Even the most advanced traffic monitoring systems have occasional failures. Often, the fix is a simple re-set, but the critical question is: How quickly can your system communicate the specific problem? Will you need to send a technician on site to the traffic cabinet to determine the problem? Will he

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Seven metrics you can monitor with intelligent traffic cabinet monitoring

Traffic monitoring and preemption systems can contribute substantially to the safety and efficiency of a community and recent innovations have dramatically increased the intelligence of traffic cabinet system. These systems are becoming increasingly more valuable as they get smarter. A typical system might only monitor the traffic controller while newer,

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