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11Alive’s Jerry Carnes takes a drive with Bryan Mulligan

11Alive’s Jerry Carnes takes a drive with Bryan Mulligan to see how driverless vehicles operate along I-75.

Extract from the article below: Driverless cars may seem like an idea straight out of The Jetsons, but the vehicle traveling right next to you could be an autonomous vehicle. In fact, Atlanta’s North Avenue will soon be on the cutting edge of the technology that will allow you to take a ride in one of the many rolling computers on the road … Continue Reading

AT&T partnership provides end-to-end access and solutions

AT&T partnership provides end-to-end access and solutions

The partnership between AT&T and Applied Information is creating “smarter cities” by providing wireless connectivity and end-to-end solutions that cover all aspects of the physical, technical, and network of its systems.

Applied Information’s cloud and web-based Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon systems give city and county officials a simple, easy-to-use interface that provides remote monitoring and control of the school beacon systems in their communities. Likewise, the partnership allows for full-spectrum communication for Applied Information’s traffic preemption systems.

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Self-driving cars on Atlanta roads

CBS 46 Traffic Solutions reporter, Vince Sims recently interviewed Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information, for a story about driverless car technology in Atlanta. Said Sims “I’ll be honest, at first I was skeptical, but seeing it first hand and learning the science behind it was interesting.” During the interview Mulligan and Sims took a drive around Atlanta in a Tesla to demonstrate the technology. Click here to view the story on CBS 46

Glance Case Study: City of Sandy Springs Power Failure & BBS Notifications

Glance Case Study: City of Sandy Springs Power Failure & BBS Notifications

On June 20, 2015, a Saturday, a power failure was detected at an intersection within the City of Sandy Springs. Immediately a text message and email was sent to the Sandy Springs traffic engineers alerting them about the power failure. A second alert message was sent out to confirm that the battery back up system (BBS) was operating correctly and that the intersection was now running on the BBS power. This provided the traffic engineers with the knowledge that the … Continue Reading

Gwinnett County’s school beacon system presented Outside the Box Award

ITS Georgia is a state chapter of ITS America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Gwinnett County was recently awarded the ITS GA 2016 Innovation for Outside the Box Award for the implementation of the Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon System.

The Outside the Box Award is presented for distinctively creative and unique approach or solution to an ITS challenge. The Gwinnett County Public School system, the largest school … Continue Reading

Rapid school beacon deployment in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Applied Information, with our south east channel partner Temple, Inc., were selected to provide 270 school beacons to upgrade Gwinnett County, GA to the latest connected technology.  The procurement process took longer than Gwinnett had hoped, and the instruction to proceed was received on June 30, 2016.

270 school beacons in Gwinnett County, GA after a record-breaking 5-day deployment!

270 school beacons in Gwinnett County, GA after a record-breaking 5-day deployment!

Applied information and Temple had the inventory on hand to deliver quickly, and so it was still possible to meet the … Continue Reading

Electric, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

An engineering perspective after thousands of miles on Tesla’s Autopilot

In the software business there is an expression “eating your own dog food” where a company uses technology internally, to test it out, before releasing the technology to the customer. In support of this idea, Applied Information acquired the latest Tesla 90D motor vehicle to be able to test and demonstrate electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle and connected vehicle technology.

Shawn Leight (VP of ITE) and family at ITE Summer Seminar experiencing Autopilot

Shawn Leight (VP of ITE) and family at ITE Summer Seminar

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The Next Generation Preemption and Priority System in action…

Applied Information has been busy with a number of deployments of the new, next generation Glance Preemption and Priority System. These technologies have made connected vehicles a reality in the Transit Priority and Emergency Vehicle Preemption applications. Live Video Demonstration

Glance Preempt & Priority System Map View

The system seamlessly combines cell, short-range radio transmission, and enhanced GPS technology into one, easy to use package. However, seeing is believing…. so click on the link to see a dash-cam video footage of a vehicle navigating an arterial roadway. … Continue Reading

ITS America Annual Meeting – Booth #629

ITS America Annual Meeting

Applied Information will be exhibiting at the ITS America Annual Meeting in Pittsburg on the 1st and 2nd of June at booth #629.

At the ITS America Annual Meeting we’ll be showing our latest developments in “Connected Vehicles meets the Internet of Things”! These new technologies take connected vehicles to a new level in the preempt/transit priority applications, and allows Transit, Emergency Services and Traffic to all benefit. Come and ask us how this works!

We are also showcasing our … Continue Reading

School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch Unveiled

Applied Information unveils its new School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch – AI-500-070.

School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch

The new AI-500-070 series provides a cost-effective, easy to integrate means of adding monitoring and control to School Beacons Flashers. The simple Integrated School Beacon Flasher Timer Switch and Cellular Modem can be retrofitted into existing School Beacon cabinets to upgrade the school beacons to the latest technology. The unit combines GPS and cellular technology into a School Beacon Flasher timer switch to make it simple to deploy

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