• Glance School Zone Safety System
    Glance School Zone Safety System
    A better way of managing school traffic safety.
  • Glance Priority & Preemption
    Glance Priority & Preemption
    The next generation of priority and preemption.
  • Glance Intersection Monitoring
    Glance Intersection Monitoring
    Are your intersections functioning properly?
  • Glance Weather
    Glance Weather
    Are your roads safe for travel?
  • Glance Parking
    Glance Parking
    Every vehicle journey ends in a parking event.
  • Glance
    The information you need at a Glance.
  • Glance ITS
    Glance ITS
    Monitor and control your ITS devices.


How counties are improving pedestrian safety with smarter school zone beacons

While school zone beacons are designed for pedestrian and traffic safety, if they’re not in proper repair or timed incorrectly, they can deliver the opposite effect. When drivers see the flashing light at inaccurate times they lose trust in the system, begin to ignore the beacons, and stop slowing down. Over time, drivers become immune […]

Why over-the-air updates are the next big thing for smart cities

More than ever, city budgets are being pinched, and decision makers are being forced to do more with less. Significant investments, such as traffic light systems and school zone beacon systems can become obsolete without an effective, efficient and budget friendly method for upgrading features and services. Technology, and specifically over-the-air updates, can help manage […]