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Gwinnett County’s school beacon system presented Outside the Box Award

ITS Georgia is a state chapter of ITS America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Gwinnett County was recently awarded the ITS GA 2016 Innovation for Outside the Box Award for the implementation of the Glance School Zone Flashing Beacon System. The Outside the […]

How preemption systems keep firefighters and the public safe

Fire departments are continuously looking at ways to deliver emergency services more efficiently. In the past, the best solution for decreasing response time was to increase the number of fire stations and strategically locate them across the city. This entails building new stations, hiring more firefighters, and purchasing new equipment. While effective, this approach quickly […]

Upgrading a preemption system from Optic to GPS

First-generation traffic preemption systems were primarily designed as optical-style systems. These solutions rely on sensors at each intersection being triggered by strobe light emitters on emergency and transit vehicles. While these initial types of installations were a step in the right direction, they offered little flexibility and came with a variety of challenges. With advancements […]