• Glance School Zone Safety System
    Glance School Zone Safety System
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    Glance Priority & Preemption
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  • Glance Intersection Monitoring
    Glance Intersection Monitoring
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    Glance Weather
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    Glance Parking
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  • Glance
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    Glance ITS
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Rapid school beacon deployment in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Applied Information, with our south east channel partner Temple, Inc., were selected to provide 270 school beacons to upgrade Gwinnett County, GA to the latest connected technology.  The procurement process took longer than Gwinnett had hoped, and the instruction to proceed was received on June 30, 2016. Applied information and Temple had the inventory on […]

Electric, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

An engineering perspective after thousands of miles on Tesla’s Autopilot In the software business there is an expression “eating your own dog food” where a company uses technology internally, to test it out, before releasing the technology to the customer. In support of this idea, Applied Information acquired the latest Tesla 90D motor vehicle to […]

Career Opportunity – Technology Application Engineer

What We Do Applied Information is a technology company headquartered in Suwanee, GA. We make field devices for a variety of traffic applications and use wireless telematics, cloud computing, and web software to turn Data into Information for our customers. Job Duties You would primarily be responsible for providing application engineering to our VP of […]